“Art“ has been in me and seen in every part of where I have existed. I believe painting as one of the very rich silent way to communicate with humanity.

My passion for art, in spite of dealing with software and hardware, and also teaching at my own vocational high school back home, led me to start painting as a self-taught painter after leaving the country for good.

Being a sensitive one who has a very strong spirituality look to life with a real attitude, helps me to see the suppressed abilities that are hidden in the angles of people lives; the deprived ones who do not have even decision-making power because of being a victim of politics, financial or cultural poverty, the young girls who are forced to marry in their teens and …… So I thought this is “Art“ that could be a strong medium to reflect all those.

My intention of painting is not just to use colors to create beauty, but painting like math has to make its audiences ask “ Why? or, How? “!

Amalgamating of art and truth in a surrealistic form, to bring a deep reality out of the pristine imaginary situation which is being seen in the surface of the painting, where contradictions and paradoxes are heading off the point of views to other aspect of life actuality; seemingly moving away from reality to reach the truth, is all I do.